Our Breweries

Our Downingtown location houses our flagship brewery and corporate headquarters, however the majority of Victory beers are now brewed in our state-of-the-art Parkesburg facility. We sometimes refer to our Downingtown location as our “brewer’s playground”, as we are now able to test-brew innovative and new recipes, fostering the creativity of our talented team. Our Kennett Square brewery produces unique and limited beers that are served exclusively in our Kennett Square taproom.


Our Downingtown brewery is located in a repurposed building that was once a Pepperidge Farm manufacturing complex. Our flagship brewery, Downingtown features a 50-barrel ROLEC brewhouse and our first ever proprietary HopVic which we use for fully utilizing the whole flower hops in each brew. Although some of our fermenters were moved to our Parkesburg facility, we still maintain (and use) 35 fermenters, ranging in size from 25 to 400 barrels. In 2013, we maxed out capacity in Downingtown at 107,000 barrels. We currently brew approximately 20,000 barrels annually, including seasonal, R&D, and specialty brews. Currently, all of our barrel aging is done in this location with up to 900 wine and bourbon barrels full of delicious brews aging at a time.


Our Parkesburg brewery features a German-built ROLEC brewhouse with a production capacity of ten 200-barrel brews per day or a total daily capacity of 2,000 barrels (6,200 gallons). In one year we can brew 500,000+ barrels. Best-in-class brewing systems and installations allow for efficient use of energy and maximal hygiene throughout the process. Our new and improved proprietary hop separator, our HopVIC, makes it possible to pack just the right amount of whole flower hop flavor into each brew. Our fermentation cellar is hard-piped, featuring state-of-the-art design and materials and twenty 1,000-barrel fermenters. In our state-of-the-art and hygienically-designed yeast room, we use three tanks for storing and growing yeast, and a fully automated yeast propagation system. The biological acidification system allows our brewmasters to naturally optimize pH levels throughout the brewing process, yielding cleaner and fresher tasting beer. These features and many more, are part of our self-guided tour. Learn more about our top notch piping systems by our friends at Handtmann here.

Kennett Square

Our Kennett Square brewery features a 7-barrel brewhouse and produces unique beers that are available only in the on-site taproom. It was the first brewery to open in Kennett Square, PA since prohibition. This small brewery was designed, built and installed by Victory’s own brewers. Currently Kennett Square is the only location to feature an open fermenter. Glass walls separate the brewhouse from the taproom, allowing visitors to see the vessels and the brewers at work.