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Java Latte

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Java Latte

Milk Stout

abv: 8.2%
malt: 30
malt: Pilsner, Munich, Chocolate, Roasted Barely, Oats
hops: Experimental HBC 472

About This Beer

FAIR TRADE, CERTIFIED ORGANIC COFFEE We’ve partnered with Southeastern PA coffee roaster, One Village, to create Java Latte using their Artist Dark Roast Blend. Made from a Fair Trade, Certified Organic coffee bean originating in Honduras, this blend provides a bitter chocolatey, slightly sweet balanced flavor.

UNIQUE COLD BREWING PROCESS In Victory’s largest coffee brew to date, our brewers take a near-finished Milk Stout and run it through coffee grounds in a 48-hour cold brewing process to remove bitterness and bring tons of roasty, toasty flavor.

JAVA CASK FAMILY VALUES As an extension of the tasty Java Cask family, this Cold Brew Milk Stout skips the barrel aging to serve up a lighter, creamier version of our regarded Java Cask, which earns a 99 rating on RateBeer.com.