Show Me The

Monkeys<br />

Hazy Imperial IPA

Loaded with notes of fruit juice and ripe for the picking, Juicy Monkey is packin’ a punch as he joins the crew. Upfront pineapple and orange aroma meet Sabro, Lotus and Sultana hops to drop a Hazy Imperial IPA that will have you on Monkey Time in no time.

Sour Tripel

Born from imported malts, Belgian yeast and a mix of magical spices, this tastefully tart monkey decided to take a walk on the tangy side. Pucker up and get ready for a swirling citrusy, lemon bite and a delectable essence.


Belgian-Style Tripel

The most curious of all the monkeys, Golden Monkey enlightens the senses with imported malts, Belgian yeast and a mix of magical spices. Its nose of banana and clove gives way to an equally fruity, hop-balanced body, all complemented by orange and spice notes and followed by a pleasing dry finish.

Fruited Sour Tripel

Crafted with imported malts, Belgian yeast and real raspberries, Berry Monkey delivers a delightful tang that’s perfectly balanced by a subtle sweetness and accompanied by a rose hue. It’s undeniably berry good!


Join the Monkey Crew

Any time, anywhere, It’s Monkey Time with Victory Brewing Company’s Golden Monkey, Sour Monkey, Berry Monkey and NEW Juicy Monkey! The Victory Monkeys are all about chasing that 5 pm Friday feeling no matter where you’re at or what you’re doing, and because of this, they’re looking for you Monkey fans to join their “Crew”, their fan club, their INNER CIRCLE.